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Artist Bio

Out of the "Middle East," a.k.a. the DC Metropolitan area, comes the 20-something year old  soloist Seed--- a hip-hop artist, lyricist, producer and performer.

Originally from the motherland, Seed was quick to grasp and identify with rap music soon after his feet touched American soil in 1980.  It was then that Seed developed a tightly-knit bond between himself and hip-hop music through breakdancing and
lyrically imitating early pioneers.

Nearly two decades later, through years of personal maturation and paying dues, Seed remains devoted to rap music and hip-hop culture.

Now, Seed describes his own music as an intimate invitation into his multifaceted mindstate.  "I am not a one-dimensional being and I refuse to let my music depict me as one."

A strong believer in expressing emotion and personal experience through music, Seed hopes to follow in the footsteps of his favorites---2pac (R.I.P), LL Cool J, Mobb Deep, and Nas and AZ (who Seed opened up for at a Howard University Homecoming event).

Recently, Seed has taken his love for hip-hop to the next level by relocating to the birthplace of the culture -- New York City.

"The time is now - a long time in the making - it's time for a new era of hip-hop music." - Seed

Below are some of Seed's accomplishments:

*Joined Freestyle Union - an organization dedicated to the elevation of the rhyme
*Hosted Spread Love Emcee battles in DC
*Performed at Bystorm Records Showcase for Mark Pitts (former manager of the late Notorious B.I.G.)
*Featured in German Television Documentary
*Performed at Aeroglyphics Festival
*Performed at NuYorican Cafe
*Performed at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)
*Performed at Tulane University
*Performed at Vibe/Sprite Emcee Battle at Howard University

*Received radio airplay on 95.5 WPGC HomeJams (Washington, DC)
*Featured guest rapper on DJ Stylus' Headphone Addiction Vol. 1

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special thanx to all those who helped me out along the way...see you at the top