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Seed's site has been Nedstat Counter ed out times.

Welcome to the OFFICIAL SEED HOMEPAGE. I am Seed and I personally created this site to inform the public that DC Hip-Hop is real and is alive. On this site, I have also provided Hip-Hop Heads with hot underground Links and also an online CD Store.

I update this site regularly to keep you up to date with the hottest in DC Hip-hop. If you are in the DC sure to check out "Hip Hop Wednesdays" at STATE OF THE UNION (1357 U ST. NW) hosted by TIGGER from B.E.T.'s Rap City. Also check out the "HIP HOP FORUM" every Saturday at ERICO'S INTERNATIONAL LOUNGE (1334 U ST. NW)...Brought to you by WICKED CITY and LaStreet Promotions.

For those of you who were fiendin' for a taste of DC's finest...look no further..Check out "Code 2" by Inshallah feat. Grap Luva a.k.a. The Younger Soul Brother (that's right..Pete Rock's younger brother).

R.I.P-- Keith Cowboy, Trouble T-roy, MC Trouble, Kid Hood, Scientific, Eric "EAZY-E" Wright, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Raymond "Freaky Tah" Rodgers, "Bigga B" Operin, Fat Pat, Claude "BIG DOG" Austin @ROWDY, Roger Troutman, and Kim Perrot (WNBA)...WE MISS YOU ALL.

copyright 1999, Virgo Inc, page created and designed by Seed

Special thanx to MaryEtta
Holdin' it down for all my real headz!
DC Baby!
United Snakes

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